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Special Effects in Photo and Studio Rentals

Special Effects in Photo and Studio Rentals

Using practical special effects in photos can make for some unique shots. However, if you want to use these effects on photos in a studio, you will need to find out more about the types of props and products you can use. If you neglect to learn about what you can and cannot use, you could face a fine or be barred from the studio.

Special Effects Used for Photo Shoots

Some photoshoots will use practical items to create special effects without relying on computer touchups of the images. Tossing glitter or confetti or splattering paint or milk are popular options for many photographers. However, these trendy touches are not popular with some photo studios.

Check with the Studio for Special Effects Rules

Some studios do not allow for pyrotechnics inside their locations due to potential fire hazards. Smoke bombs and smoke machines may also fall under these prohibitions as they could cause a mess or set off smoke alarms.

Other non-smoky things many studios prohibit include hard-to-clean items such as glitter, confetti, and paint. Even if you work diligently to remove these from the site, you could miss some, causing problems for those who rent the space in the future.

If you want to use special effects, get a list of what the studio prohibits in writing. Plus, if you do not see your special effects listed, ask specifically about them to avoid future problems.

Use Special Effects Wisely

Not all practical photo effects fall under bans. In fact, you can still get great shots with balloons, bubbles, or colored lighting. Talk to others who have used the studio if you need ideas for using allowed special effects on site.

Lastly, whenever you use any type of practical effects or props for your shoot, be respectful of the rental property and the future photographers who will use the space and clean up all debris after you finish shooting.

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If you need to rent a studio for your next photography shoot, see our site at Best Photo Studio Rentals to learn about our options and more. For answers to your questions or to book a rental, contact us online through our message form. We want to provide you with the ideal space to let your creativity soar.

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