Production Studio Support

Your Production Studio Support Team Is Here To Support You

The Summerjax process has been built off years of in-house experience. Our production studio support team knows how to achieve high-quality assets, efficiently and effectively by reducing the number of touch points and unnecessary waste in time and budgets. Our friendly studio team work tirelessly to ensure your studio experience is second to none. Being a one stop shop for both studio and production needs, our talented team are ready to work with you to create high quality assets in our best studio setups. The experience that our studio team brings to each shoot covers all areas of the industry.

Experience To Meet Your Needs

We have come from the brand side of the industry and we understand the inner workings of both big and small businesses. Our team has a wealth of experience in studio shoots as well as on location around the globe. We bring a dynamic energy to each job and work tirelessly so that our clients can focus on creating. Whether you need our studio team to support you in production management areas such as:

  • Wardrobe assistants
  • Catering booking
  • On set PA’s, photographer
  • Vanities bookings

We can manage as much or as little of your shoot that you would require. Our studio team are not only some of the best professionals in the industry, they are also the friendliest. We strive to create an environment where people feel welcome, safe and at home in the studio.

Let us know what type of support your next shoot is looking for and we can discuss your needs. At Best Photo Studio Hire, our team are here to make your shooting experience as seamless as possible. Need to work on the weekends? That’s not a problem. Our staff can be on hand 7 days a week to meet your shoot needs. Are you a start-up business and this is your first shoot? We work with all kinds of businesses from the big brands to the start-ups and influencers; we thrive on working with a diverse range of content creation and budgets.