Pre-production and content creation

Pre-production and Content Creation

Pre-production and content creation are vital parts of your next production studio shoot.  Every photo shoot, from small to large scale, requires a degree of production. At Best Photo Studio we love working on all production sizes.  From the smallest to the largest of details our team is here to support you.

  • Booking the studio hire for our clients
  • Negotiating rates with vendors
  • Managing travel
  • Casting the talent.

On any photo shoot, the production teams experience is the first step to creating a successful shoot.

Why Having Production Agency Experts Matters?

Having a production agency manage this for your brand or company has the potential to save time and in the long run, money. Our producers strive to find efficiencies to maximize your shoot budget and have the resources and contacts to find you savings. The Summerjax teams experience can help ensure your photo shoot comes in on budget by centralizing all costs and touch-points. This service offers you the opportunity for studio hire and production management, all from the same team. We consolidate all of your contact to one production manager, taking on the logistics so that your team can focus on the creative brief for your shoot.

Pre-Production and Content Creation Services

Our pre-production services can be as minimal or extensive as your job requires. In addition to the studio rental, we can work with your in-house team to create product shot lists and sample management in the studio including receiving, prepping/steaming and return shipping of all product samples. We can manage all production planning and booking of the crew, whether that is talent, vanities, as well as respected photographers, art directors and vanities teams. We book travel, facilitate Covid-19 testing pre-shooting or on-site, as well as organizing catering and even local parking for large productions. We can manage your shoot budget to maximize its potential to create elevated photography for your business. We create the ideal team based on your business needs. Let us know your shoot brief and the team at Best Photo Studio hire will be in touch to talk through our production and content creation service in Los Angeles.