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Photo Studio Rental Tips

Photo Studio Rental Tips

Thinking about renting a photo studio? Before you sign a rental agreement, you should know several things about the types of properties that you may encounter. Not knowing what to look for could cost you in wasted time and money. Here are some of the top photo studio rental tips to ensure that you find a place for your ideal photography shoots.

Photo Studio Rental Tip: Find Only What You Need

To save money and headaches when searching for rental space, don’t lease a larger space than you actually need. If you rent by the hour, move quickly but efficiently to ensure that you don’t take too much time during the shoot and increase your costs.

Ask about the amenities offered when comparing photo studio rental locations. Some will only offer you an empty space while others have staff, catering, equipment rental, and much more. Keep in mind that as your business grows, you needs for additional features may also increase.

Photo Studio Rental Tip: Be Ready to Share

Most photo studio rentals are shared among freelance photographers in the area. Therefore, you may encounter others when going to and from the studio. Network with these others if you can. In doing so, you can get tips and leads. You may learn a lot about photography by talking to those with whom you share studio space.

Photo Studio Rental Tip: Prepare Yourself for Anything

You should always have a backup plan in case anything occurs at the studio. For instance, find out if you can rent equipment the day of the photo shoot if something that you bring fails. Or, have an alternative option available. Did a light fail? See if you can shoot in natural light? Does the subject not like the backdrop? Ask how you can change or shoot more closeups to make it less visible.

Make Yourself Available By Choosing the Right Rental Location

The last thing that you need is to lose customers because they cannot reach your studio for their shoot. One of the most important photo studio rental tips that often goes forgotten is the accessibility of the site. Will your customers need to park several blocks away in a paid lot or is there free parking on-site? Can they reach your location from anywhere in the area? Finding a place with both a good location and adequate parking will also help you to avoid arriving to your shoots late.

Get Help in Your Photo Studio Rental Search with

You are not on your own in finding the right studio. At, we not only offer photo studio rental tips, but we also have space for you to use during shoots. Contact us today to find out more about our property near LAX and the many features that we offer to photographers who rent space from us.

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