Live Remote Access

NEW Live Remote Access

Live remote access has been the latest of services to cater to our clients.  In the challenging times during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were trailblazers when it came to finding solutions to continue to keep our clients shoot productions moving forward, safely. In a climate when many productions stopped, we spent the time refining a new way of working to ensure our clients content creation briefs were still being delivered. We worked on a number of virtual photo shoot strategies with our clients, as well as offering live remote streaming access to our clients who were unable to be on set in person. Since then, this has become a standard offering to our clients, as it offers a solution for businesses that are not able to travel or be on location in person in the studio.

Life Remote Packages

We offer packages for live remote access at our photo studio that range from a simple iPad streaming to a more personalized setup featuring dedicated camera operators. We offer these packages to not only the photo shoots that take place in our studio, but also to our clients who’s productions we manage on location around the globe. These remote access packages not only provide the ability to view the content being created remotely, it also gives our clients creative control of the on-set desktop, where they are able to make remote edits in real time.

Through these packages, the remote clients are able to talk to photographers directly and give direction through Bluetooth headphones. This ensures that at all stages of the shoot process, the in-house team still have the creative control, even though they are not physically present. The creative leads and on-set producers can walk crew through storyboards via screen sharing. As we well as offering live remote access, we have a Covid-19 safety strategy that includes on-set testing, Covid compliance officers on-set and Covid-19 safety stations for temperature checks, masks and regular hand sanitization.