full service content creation

Why Full Service Content Creation?

We are a Full Service Content Creation photo production company, acting as an extension of your team, sitting in-house if required. Imagine having an extra staff member or access to a creative team, without adding to your permanent employee headcount. We thrive on integrating into our clients business, as little or as much as they require, depending on the creative needs.

At Summerjax, we help your business:

  • manage creative budgets
  • Invoicing
  • Contracting
  • Negotiating photography team rates
  • Production approaches
  • Liaising with agency partners.

From formulating content strategy to managing all aspects of production for creative assets, we can do it all. Our team becomes your team. We offer you the flexibility of having a content agency working for you when your business needs it the most, and only when the content needs require it. So if your business does not require an agency on hand year round, we can focus on what your needs are on a project-to-project basis. This gives you the freedom to invest the budget into critical times in your businesses calendar.

What our full service content creation agency manages:

  • Castings, inclusive of talent and influencers
  • Coordinate location permits and crews, all the way through to the final image delivery.
  • We work with some of the industries most respected & talented creative teams of photographers, videographers and hair and makeup artists.
  • We are a dynamic team that plan, create and produce quality content for our clients.

In a climate with a never-ending thirst for more content, we are an agency that are always pushing the boundaries of content excellence. We specialize in not only creating relevant content for your business but also on developing the strategy around it. We develop strategies to elevate your brands awareness and create content to engage your customers where they live, online.