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We are one of the best full service Photo studio rentals in Los Angeles, located within close proximity to LAX. Our easy access location to LAX & Hollywood can facilitate a wide range of photographic needs for companies, brands, influencers and startups. We are a studio that works with companies wanting the best studio rental services as well as independent photographers requiring a studio space only. Whatever your studio requirements are, the team at Summerjax Studios can accommodate a wide range of photoshoot requirements.

We offer the option of full service photo shoot production with our studio rental. Our services include photographic studio hire inclusive of studio space, lighting and equipment rental as well as pre and post production services in Los Angeles. We are a content creation agency with expertise in studio services for a wide variety of businesses. With extensive experience in studio and location production, our best studio team offer an end to end service for our clients. This experience makes us a premium photo studio rental in the Los Angeles and Southern California region. With 4000 SF of workable space, complete with a corner cyclorama, overhead lighting grid, concrete floors and an outdoor white wall for shooting, we have the space you need to create premium photographic content. Complete with spacious wardrobe and vanities facilities, production work offices as well as communal catering areas both indoors and outdoors. As a best photo studio rental in California, Summerjax are leaders when it comes to best covid practises for photoshoots. We provide the best studio space for Covid-19 safety protocols for brands and photographers to safely work and create premium content. We offer onsite covid testing for your photographic crew in conjunction with Lifeline Health Services. Available at our best studio rental is a Covid Safety station as well as the option of a Covid safety compliance officer onsite.

Photo Studio Hire Services

Summerjax Studios offer a comprehensive studio hire for a wide range of photographic needs. As industry leaders in production, now with a new photo studio rental space, our photo studio service offering is a one stop shop. As a full service photo production company, we work with brands looking for cost effective solutions to ecommerce photography, brand content creation and talent casting. In addition to studio hire, we also offer our clients studio production support. We believe that great work is driven by great production environments and this philosophy guides our photo studio team.  With a corner cyc, extensive photo equipment hire and covid safety protocols, we are one of the best photo studio hires in Los Angeles. 


Covid testing available




areas indoor and outdoors

Photo Studio Rental Solutions For Your Company

Our team of studio and production experts at Summerjax will work with you to book the best studio to suit your photography needs.  As well as photo studio rentals, our studio team can assist you with a comprehensive service so all your team have to focus on is creating beautiful content. Our studio is a safe space to shoot and can provide your business with a dedicated team and seamless workflow. Our studio and production team can assist you with ecommerce content, product management and styling, influencer casting, content production and pre-media.

Studio Support Team

The Summerjax process has been built off years of in-house experience. We know how to achieve high-quality assets, efficiently and effectively by reducing the number of touchpoints and unnecessary waste in time and budgets. Our friendly studio team work tirelessly to ensure your studio experience is second to none. Being a one stop shop for both studio and production needs, our talented team are ready to work with you to create high quality assets in our best studio setups.

Pre-production and Content Creation

Every photoshoot, from small to large scale, requires a degree of production. The production teams experience is the first step to creating a successful shoot. The Summerjax teams experience can help ensure your photoshoot comes in on budget by centralising all costs and touchpoints. This service, in addition to the studio rental, can work with your inhouse team to create shot lists and management of image capture, production planning and booking of crew, talent and catering, as well as respected photographers, art directors and vanities teams to create elevated photography for your business. We create the ideal team based on your business needs.

Full Service, Content Creation Agency

We are a full service photo production company, acting as an extension of your team, sitting in-house if required. At Summerjax we help manage budgets, production approaches and agency partners. From initial content strategy to managing all aspects of production, including budget, casting, location, + crew to the final delivery, we can do it all.

Casting and Talent Management

Our studio team can manage all elements of the casting process for our clients including casting calls, virtual or in-person castings and call backs. For call backs and fittings, we make sure product is received, still and motion folio assets are catalogued and organized for creative review. We collaborate with personalities that resonate with our clients target audience. We can build and organize a community of UGC talent and models using an organized process of cataloging that integrates with your current system

Live Remote Access at Our Photo Studio Rental

We can provide remote access to those who are unable to be on set in person. Packages for live remote access at our photo studio range from a simple iPad streaming to a more personalized setup featuring dedicated camera operators. These packages provide the ability to view the content remotely, control the on-set desktop, make remote edits, talk to photographers and give direction through Bluetooth headphones. The creative leads and producers can walk crew through storyboards via screen sharing

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A Full grip and electric, production and equipment rental list is also available upon request. Our studio team can also provide you with details of local catering companies for photo shoots as well as our preferred hotels in the area. If you require an end to end production service with your photo studio rental, the Summerjax studio team will be able to direct you to a member of the production team.